This is a sport where the dogs have to chase a lure around a course. They have to stay focused and on track for the course and complete in 2 minutes or less. The English Cockers usually just LOVE this sport!

emmy lc2 001

Emmy, AKA Am/Can CH Carefree Itoba Singin In The Rain RN CGC CA TT just loves to lure course!

Autumn LC

Autumn (Carefree’s Naughty By Nature CA) having a great time lure coursing

Erin LC2

Erin Rodgers working on her CAA title

Eve LC1

Eve (Carefree’s The Addam’s Family CA RN CGC) loved her first attempt at lure coursing

Eve LC3

Eve on the homestretch

Sara LC2

Sara (Ch Carefree’s Que Sera Sera) thinks lure coursing is so much fun!


Easton (Carefree’s All In The Family) on the homestretch!



emmy lc 001

Emmy in the homestretch!


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