PP group

Adam X Erin 2014 “The Family theme”


2020 litter- Broxton and Nevaeh–the toilet paper themed pups–Scott, fort) Howard, Kirk (land), Angel (soft), (Charmin, and (Kimberly) Clark

2016 namesake litter (Luke and Amber): Terri, Ella (Patti), Dottie (Michele) and Kristine



Ted X McKenzie and Tommy X Holly puppies born 7/02


Tucker X Livvy’s babies born 11/04 “the moon, sun and stars” theme


Hampton X McKenzie’s babies born 3/05 “the car theme”


Stu X Kennedy babies born 4/12 “the fate” theme


Ricky Wilson X Sydney babies born 5/07 the “National” theme


CJ X Emmy babies born 7/11 “The Packers theme”


Quinn X Emmy babies born 3/10 “The Beach Boys theme”

lemonade stand 001

Fergus X Kennedy babies born 6/13 the “Nature” theme

scan0087 - Copy - Copy

Patrick X Dana born 2/08 the “Presidents Day” theme

scan0086 - Copy - Copy

Trista X Linus born 3/94 the “music” theme

scan0085 - Copy - Copy

Phillip X McKenzie girls born 11/03 the “Easy” theme

scan0083 - Copy - Copy

Hampton X Kailey 4/05 the “Master” theme

scan0081 - Copy - Copy

Splash X Kendyl 5/1997 the “Olympic” theme

scan0079 - Copy (2)

Jordan X Tracy babies born 7/ 1998 the “fireworks” theme

scan0076 - Copy

Ted X Mikayla babies born 7/ 2002 the “Doctor” theme

scan0097 - Copy

Playboy X Kailey babies born 10/2001 the “Shania Twain song” theme

scan0096 - Copy

Connor X Kendyl and Connor X McKenzie (born 4 days apart) 2001

scan0095 - Copy

Foster X Kendyl babies born 12/99 the “ation” theme

scan0093 - Copy

Ted X Mikayla babies born 4/04 the “Bewitched” theme

scan0092 - Copy

Oscar X Kendyl 9/98 the “Oscars” theme

scan0090 - Copy

Trista X Linus 1992

scan0088 - Copy - Copy

Tommy X Holly babies born 7/02 the “battery” theme

Bogey Amber LOVE photo 001

Bogey and Amber puppies born 11/29/14