Weekend of Dec 9/10

Nikki was WB/BOS over the bitch special for 2 pts on Saturday and WB for 1 pt on Sunday! Eve was RWB both days   and on Saturday Eve earned her 2nd BN leg and 4th place and Sunday earned her BN title and 3rd place!

Weekend of Dec 3/4

Liza Q’d in 7 out of 8 runs which means she got a ribbon in jackpot, colors, jumpers, wildcard, full house and most importantly a Q in each of TWO STANDARD RUNS. This brings the number of standard Qs she needs down to five for that forth CATCH!

Bess Q’d 8 for 8 in her runs!

Katie earned a  QQ and a JWW Q!

Laika earned 2 QQ’s and her Open FAST title!

Weekend of November 19/20

Chance earned not only QQ#4 on MACH 3 but a TQX leg with a FAST Q. He also Q’s in Masters Standard, Premiere JWW and T2B on Sunday earning 1st place in every class!

Weekend of November 12/13

Bess went 10/10 at a CPE trial earning 5 firsts, three 3rds and one fourth!

Allie earned 1 QQ and 2 JWW Q’s!

Laika earned 2 Standard Q’s inc her AX tile and 2 Masters JWW Q’s!

Katie earned a Standard Q and her MXP2title!

Weekend of November 4/5

Connie and Chance showed yesterday and earned a QQ!

Margaret and Allie earned 2 QQ’s a Standard Q this w/e, so she and Chance are getting a good start to MACH 3!

Becky and Katie got a QQ and are 1 Q away from qualifying from Nationals!

Weekend of October 29/30

Chance earned a Standard Q

Weekend of Oct 22/23

Becky and Katie got a QQ in Oshkosh this weekend!

Connie and Chance earned 2 QQ’s!

Margaret and Allie earned 2 QQ’s and their Open FAST title!

Barb and Jilly earned a HIT from the Open B class at the Northern Cal Specialty! She also earned a 1st place in Rally Excellent B!

Jeanette and Win earned their BN title at the Specialty!

Weekend of Oct 15/16
Connie and Chance earned their MACH2 today!! This marks their 2nd MACH this year! On top of it they earned a TQX leg (triple Q meaning they Q’d in FAST as well) They earned a T2B Q and won the class, earned a Masters FAST Q and a Premiere Standard Q!

Margaret and Allie earned a JWW And a Standard Q this w/e!

Susan and Wyatt earned 2 insurance CD legs with very nice scores!

Weekend of Oct 8/9

Laurie and Becky went to the lurecoursing trial this w/e with good results!

OJ Q’d twice and earned his CA title. Aubrey earned her 5th CAA leg!

Katie was 3/3 and earned her CAA title!

Connie and Chance competed in TX in pursuit of the MACH 2. He Q’s in Standard Saturday with I believe Connie said 21 pts and Q’d in JWW today, though no MACH 21

Monica and Laika earned an Excellent Standard Q!

Weekend of Oct 2/3

Becky and Katie passed their ORT test!

Patty and Desilu finished their Advanced Agility dog title in USDAA and Q’d in Advanced Pairs and got a Masters Jumpers leg!

Lori took some ECS down to the Freeport show.  Nevaeh was WB on Saturday for a point so now needs 4 pts (inc a major) and Luke, the dog of Joyce and Jackie’s that Lori has shown (and the daddy to be of litter #2) was BW.

Today, Nikki was WB, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite over the bitch Special!

Weekend of Sept 24/25

Margaret and Allie earned their MACH 2 on Friday!!!!!!!   I don’t have my notes to remember what the rest of the w/e brought in terms of Q’s.

Connie and Chance earned QQ #19 on Saturday and came oh so close today with having Q’d in Standard by nerves getting in Connies way in JWW. They also earned their T2B title.

Weekend of Sept 2/3

Allie and Margaret got 2 QQ”s and a JWW Q this w/e so is at #19 on MACH 2!

Connie and Chance got a JWW Q and 10 pts!
Weekend of Aug 20/21

Nikki was Winners Bitch both days in Marshfield for a point each day.

Becky and Katie showed in teacup agility and to quote Becky “Because she has her MAsters AKC title she could fasttrack to her Standard and Games 3 if she passed Beginner and Intermediate” She did that and got 1 Superior Standard leg and can now work on legs towards her teacup Championship.

Weekend of Aug 13/14

Big Congrats to June and Bess for completing their C-ATCH 2 title!!  They also earned some Q’s towards their next goal!

Anne and Trick earned a level 3 Fullhouse Q and 2nd place!

Janet and Liza were 5 for 7 in their runs!  Janet–maybe you can fill us in one where Liza is at?  So pleased she is back at it after such a rough road!

Connie and Chance earned 2 QQ’s this w/e–#17 and #18!  Can almost taste that MACH 2!

Becky and Katie earned a JWW Q on Saturday and a QQ today!

Weekend of August 5/6

Connie and Chance earned QQ #16 and a Standard Q this w/e!

Ricky’s daughter Tiger Lily earned her MACH on Saturday!

Weekend of July 30/31

Margaret and Allie trialed this w/e and earned 2 QQ’s plus a Standard Q–so now is at 17 QQ’s towards MACH 2!

Becky and Katie trialed this w/e and earned 2 Standard Q’s and 37 pts!

Weekend of 7/24-7/25/16

Laurie and OJ earned their NW1 title!

Margaret and Allie earned QQ # 15 on MACH 2!

Connie and Chance earned QQ # 14 and 15 on MACH 2!

Barb and Jilly earned an MXJ leg!

Weekend of 7/2-7/4/16

Margaret and Allie earned two QQ’s this weekend on their MACH 2–now up to 14!

Becky and Katie got a Standard Q and 18 pts!

Connie and Chance got a JWW Q and a FAST Q!

Monica and Laika Q’s in Novice Standard, JWW and FAST!

Weekend of 6/25-6/26/16

Nikki was Winners bitch in Waterloo both days for her 1st 2 pts!

Tempi earned her NAP with a 1st place win and her 2nd NJP leg!

Weekend of 6/18-6/19/16

Chance earned QQ # 13!

Allie earned QQ #12!

Laika Q’s in Novice JWW, Standard and FAST with all 1st places and a new NAJ title!

Weekend of 5/28-5/30/16

Chance earned 2 Standard Q’s with almost 50 pts earned–with other handlers pinch hitting for Connie!

Bess was 10 for 10 in her runs in CPE!

Desilu qualified in Advanced Standard and Advanced Jumpers in a NADACC trial on Memorial Day!

Weekend of 5/14-5/15/16 

Chance earned QQ # 8 on his MACH 2 and High Scoring  ECS!

Allie earned QQ #9 on MACH 2! 

Erin was Winners Bitch/Best of Breed to become a new CHAMPION!

Hootie was Winners Dog Sat/Sun! 

Liza earned a Standrad Q in   CPE bringing her closer to her C-ATCH 4!

Weekend of 4/25-4/26/16

Margaret and Allie earned 2 QQ’s and a T2B Q!

Erin was RWB on Saturday and WB for 2 pts on Sunday!

Weekend of 4/16-4/17/16

Connie and Chance earned two JWW Q’s this weekend!

Jeanette and Win earned 2 Standard Q’s with 1st place wins!

Monica and Laika earned a NA and a NAJ Q this w/e!

Weekend of 4/9-4/10/16

Margaret and Allie competed this weekend and earned 2 JWW Q’s!
Becky and KT competed in agility where they earned 1 QQ, a Standard Q, her MXP title and 47 points!

Weekend of 3/26-3/27/16

Erin earned her 2nd major on Saturday with daughter Eve going Reserve and son Easton going Reserve WD. Sunday, Eve earned the major with Erin Reserve and Easton again going Reserve!

 Eve and Easton’s sister Laika debuted in an official agility trial. It was AKC and we ran JWW, STD and FAST. She got 1st place in FAST and 2nd in JWW. She didn’t Q in STD because after the final jump she saw the ring netting and assumed it was just another obstacle

June and Bess competed in CPE this w/e and were 4 for 5 both days with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finish both days!

Weekend of 3/5-3/6/16

Allie got 2 QQ”s this w/e (#4 and #5 on MACH 2) along with a Premiere Q? In two weeks, Allie meets up with Chance at the AKC Nationals!

Susan and Wyatt earned their CD today!


Layla remains ranked #2 in obedience rankings!

In agility rankings;

Excellent Standard: Landon is #1, Speedy #2 and Allie Kriley #6!
Excellent JWW: Landon #1, Speedy #2 and Chance and Allie Kriley are tied for #4!
Standard Preferred (all classes considered): Katie is #5!
JWW Preferred (all classes): Katie is #6!
FAST (all classes considered: Win is#5!

Weekend of 2/20- 2/21/16

Margaret and Allie competed in St Louis for their first trial since early December. Allie was 6/8 inc 2 QQ’s and a Standard and JWW Q!

Becky and Katie competed this weekend her 8th MXP and MJP legs this weekend!

Weekend of 2/6-2/7/16

Susan and Wyatt debuted in Novice this w/e and now sport two CD legs AND a new RN title! Sue and Layla competed in UKC obedience where Layla earned her 1st leg on her UKC CDX! The Green Bay crew went to a match today where Hootie went Best of Breed and took an Adult sporting Group 2! A total new experience for him as he hasn’t been worked with in this venue at all so the match was very beneficial for him. A side note that Carly’s 8 year old niece showed Easton and the two of them looked so darn cute out there and Emma did a great job! No doubt Emma and Easton will be a force to reckon with when she is old enough later this year to compete in AKC Juniors!

Weekend of 1/23-1/24/16

Patty and Desilu competed this w/e and she earned an MX Q and 15 MACH points and earned her AXJ!

Becky and Katie earned their 6th MJP Q and 14 PACH points!

Weekend of 1/1/-1/2/16 

Chance earned his MACH on New Years Day!!  He Q’d in Standard on 1/2 for a total of 54 MACH points for the 2 days! What a great way to kick off the New Year!

Weekend of 12/19-12/20/15

The lone star this weekend was Connie and Chance. Chance came soooo close to that QQ that would have been his MACH, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. He Q’d in Standard and earned 23 pts and 3rd place!

Weekend of 12/12-12/13/15

One of the newest members of the Carefree family and newbies to the conformation ring–Janis and Nikki made their debut at the UKC show in Ixxonia, WI.  Nikki was Best of Breed on both shows and took a Gundog Group 2 in one show and 4 in the other! What a great start!

Weekend of 12/5-12/6/15 June and Bess had a very exciting weekend! They earned their C-ATCH title in agility! To think that June never intended to do an serious competition with Bess and look at them now! Margaret and Allie competed in Tulsa this weekend. They earned a QQ, a JWW Q and a T2B Q! Nevaeh went to the Chicago Rosemont shows this weekend with Lori King. Nevaeh won the Puppy Sweeps and took a Sweeps Group 2 and went onto winners bitch for a 3 PT major!

Weekend of 11/21-11/22/15

Connie and Chance got back to back QQ’s this weekend and are now down to needing 1 QQ for that MACH!

June and Bess competed in CPE Agility this w/e and were 8 for 8 and now just need 1 Jackpot Q for their C-ATCH!

Lori took Nevaeh to the Minneapolis shows this w/e. She was RWB on Saturday and Winners Bitch today for a point!

Weekend of 11/7-11/8/15 

Went to the Winona MN shows this w/e. Easton was RWD both days and Erin was RWB to a major both days! Laurie showed OJ and he was Select dog over 2 dog Specials today for 2 GrCH points and Aubrey was shown by Lauries daughter Annie and she was Best of Opposite sex over 2 other bitch Specials for a 3 point Grand major towards her Bronze GrCh. Karen and Lexi showed in MI this w/e. Lexi was Reserve Winners bitch 3 of the 4 days–at least one of the days to a major!

Margaret and Allie showed in Wichita this w/e where Allie earned 2 JWW Q’s! Connie and Chance showed this w/e and Chance earned a Standard and a JWW Q!

Becky took Katie to the chiro as she had been knocking bars and running slow. Little did she know KT was in bad need of an adjustment! She showed Sunday and NQ’d in JWW taking the wrong end of the tunnel though her time was best in class and beat the Shelties. In Standard she Q’d with 24 pts and beat a Sheltie that was on the World Team! Go KT

Weekend of 10/17-10/18/15

The big news is that Margaret and Allie got their MACH (plus a T2B Q) on Saturday!

June and Bess were 9 for 10 in CPE this w/e with multiple placements! They only need 5 more Q’s for their C-ATCH!

Barb and Jilly were HIT from the Open B class and earned a Rally Excellent title!! Jeanette and Win earned a BN Q and 2nd place!

Nevaeh showed down in Springfield IL and was RWB to 2 points on Thursday and RWB to a major on Saturday!

Weekend of 10/10-10/11/15

Connie and Chance competed in Texas and Chance earned 3 QQ’s in a row (now at#17)! On Friday earned a Triple Q (2nd TQX leg) 2 TBQ Q’s with multiple placements! 

 Margaret and Allie competed this weekend and earned a QQ, a JWW Q an a T2B Q!  I see a MACH coming soon!

 Carly took baby Eve and Erin (who hasn’t been to class in a year) to the Wnnegamie obedience trial. Eve earned he 1st BN leg with a 194.5 an Erin earned her 2ndQ with a 194 and 3rd place!

 Laurie went to the Timber Ridge lure coursing trial today and Aubrey earned her CA and her 1st CAA Q!

Weekend of 9/19-9/20/15

Margaret and Allie went 5/6 and earned 2 QQ’s at the Des Moines trial and now just need 2 QQ’s for their MACH!

Nevaeh showed on Saturday and was Winners Bitch/Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2 at the Sheboygan show!

Weekend of 9/12-9/13/15

Anne and Trick earned an Open FAST Q and 1st place! Barb and Jilly earned their 1st UD leg and 1st place!

Margaret and Allie competed n UK1 Agility and earned a Master Gamblers Q!

Connie and Chance earned 2 JWW Q’s and 17 MACH points!

Patty and Desilu competed in a USDAA trial an Desilu earned a Starters Standard and a Starters Gamblers Q and finished her Agility Dog title! Weekend of 9/5-9/6/15 Margaret and Allie competed in an Agility trial this weekend and earned QQ #16 on their MACH!  She has her points so just counting down 4 more QQs!  Jeanette and Win earned their Master Fast title with 3rd place an MXJ Q!  Barb and Jilly earned a MXJ Q and 10 MACH points!  Karen and Lexi won their Sweeps and regular class at Heart of Michigan Specialty on Saturday!

 Weekend of 8/28-8/30/15

The Marquette dog show was held this weekend–my favorite show on a lot of levels. While I couldn’t be there, the dogs–with Lori and Carly- sure did me proud! Easton was Best of Winners twice for 2 pts each officially singling him out!! The girls shared the wealth! Erin was WB/BOS on Friday for 2 pts.  Eve was WB/BW/BOS in Show #1 Saturday for 2 pts and WB/BOS in Show #2 for 2 more points! And then in Sundays show little Nevaeh was WB/BW/BOS for 2 pts!  So Carefree kids brought home 12 pts this weekend! Eve also earned her RN title with a score of 92!
Anne and Trick competed in a Tricks class (Trick doing Tricks–Hmmm) and earned their Novice level Tricks title!
Becky and Katie competed at an Agility trial and earned 2 MXP Q’s and 39 PACH points taking a 1st and a 2nd beating out those shelties!
Connie and Chance earned a Standard Q and 19 pts on Saturday!
Weekend of 8/22-8/23/15
Becky and Katie earned their 5th MJP leg and 7 pts!
Weekend of 8/15-8/16/15 Several Carefree kids were in  Marshfield WI.   Easton was Winners Dog  and Best of Breed over OJ and gave Erin Winners Bitch. OJ went Select dog.  There was a fun match in the evening and Easton went BOB and took a Sporting Group 1 (puppies and adults against each other) Sunday, Easton was Reserve and Nevaeh was Winners Bitch and Best of Breed for her first points! So, the Carefree kids combined earned a chunk of points this weekend!  Sue and Layla competed in MN for their 1st time in Grad Novice and they Q’d with a great score of 194–beating out a BC and a Sheltie!  Margaret and Allie competed this w/e and Allie earned 2 QQ’s– #14 and 15!!!  She is breezing right along towards that MACH!
 Weekend of 8/8-8/9/15

Allie Kriley and Margaret went 4/6 in an agility trial in MO this w/e inc QQ #13 and a JWW and a Standard Q!  Chance and Connie got a JWW Q and 12 pts and most importantly qualified for the Agility Nationals in Tulsa!   Bess and June were back in the CPE Agility ring this w/e after a long hiatus as its June’s horse showing season right now. Bess was 8/9 and completed her Level 4 CPE title!  Desilu and Patty showed at a USDAA trial this w/e and Desilu earned 1st place in Advanced Snookers and a 2nd place in Advanced Jumpers! Aubrey showed in Agility today after a very long hiatus. Its hard for Laurie to do agility these days so her wonderful nosework instructor, Lynsie, has agreed to finish up Aubrey’s Novice titles for her. Aubrey qualified and took 1st place earning her 2nd NAP Q!   A bunch of Carefree kids had a BLAST at the lurecoursing trial in Milwaukee on Saturday!!    Katie and Becky earned their 4th Q on their CAA title. Erin and I earned our 1st Q on our CAA title. Autumn and I earned our CA title. Easton and Sara and I earned our first Q and Carly and Eve earned their 1st Q.  They had a BLAST!! In the conformation show, Easton was Reserve Winners Dog, Eve was Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Owner Handler.  To top it off, the Review came in the mail and there was lots to be proud of rankings wise. These rankings were from Jan-March shows.  In obedience, Layla and Sue are ranked #2!  In Agility the rankings are: Open Standard–#4– Arnie and Marita  Excellent Standard- #1 Landon and Julie, #2 Speedy and Tim and #7 Allie Kriley and Margaret   Excellent Jumpers- #1 Landon and Julie #3 Speedy and Tim and #4 Chance and Connie  Preferred Standard- #3 Katie and Becky Preferred Jumpers- #4 Katie and Becky FAST- #1 Win and Jeanette and #9 Desilu and Patty CONGRATS to ALL!!!!  A great weekend! Weekend of 7/29-7/30/15 Tailwaggers 4-H graduation was held this week. Grace and 13 yr old Teddy earned a red ribbon in Rally Novice and Grace and Easton won a blue ribbon in Showmanship! Great job Grace! Weekend of 7/18-7/19/15 Connie and Chance competed in Houston where they earned 2 JWW and 1 standard Q and 28 pts. He now needs EIGHT points to qualify for the Nationals. OJ competed at Paper Cities and was BOB both days. Eve earned her 2nd rally novice leg with a score of 98! Pretty good for a pup that just turned one! Weekend of 7/11-7/12/15 Patty and Desilu competed in agility on Saturday and Desilu earned her OAJ and AX titles with 3rd place in each! Karen and Lexi competed in conformation in MI and Lexi was RWB both days… Sunday was to a major! Not bad for a 7 month old puppy and a Novice conformation handler! Weekend of 7/4-7/5/15 Connie and  Chance earned 2 QQs… #13 and 14 and 77 MACH points. He earned his T2B title and his 1st Q on his 2nd T2B title today. Margaret and Allie earned 2 standard and 1 JWW Q and qualified For the AKC Nationals this weekend! Weekend of 6/27-6/28/15 Laurie and Aubrey competed in a Nosework trial in Waukesha. To preface this, Aubrey came in season almost two months early and as luck would have it, she would be at her prime for the trial. While nose work allows females in season to compete as long as they are last in trial, Laurie thought about pulling. The main thing is there are very few trials and maybe none in WI or IL til Spring. Laurie elected to take her chances and go. They went after a sleepless night with the boys howling. In nose work you have to pass 4 searches to pass.. Boxes, interior, exterior and vehicle. The judges can award the dog with an added comment.. Forgot the name and its stored on my phone.. But shows they have special skill. Aubrey passed all 4 searches with a 1st place (goes by time) in Interiors and got 3 of 4 considered “Pronounced”.  Aubrey now sports a NW1 title! Connie and chance competed WedFriday in TX. Chance earned 2 QQs and a JWW Q!’ The 2 QQs marked 3 in a row for Chance! He’s definitely on a roll! Becky and Katie competed at the ECSCSEW Agility trial and earned their 1st QQ on their PACH! Janet and Liza competed at a CPE trial in MN where they earned a jackpot and a snookers Q! Weekend of 6/20-6/21/15 Karen Schwager and her Bogey/Amber baby “Lexi”.  They made their AKC conformation debut this weekend in the 6-9 class and was Reserve Winners Bitch both days.  Connie and Chance showed this w/e in TX and earned QQ #10 and a Jumpers and a Standard Q and 51 MACH points!  Margaret and Allie showed in KS and earned QQ #11. I don’t have my notes handy for MACH points, but both Allie and Chance are both very close to having qualified for the AKC Nationals!  Janet and Liza competed in NADAC this w/e and earned an Elite Regular and an Elite Weavers Q! Weekend of 6/13-6/14/15 Easton was Winners Dog at the Traverse City KC on Saturday for a point and Bogey was Winners Dog on Sunday for a point. Eve was Winners Bitch/Best of Breed and Best EC Amateur Owner Handler on Sunday for a point! Margaret and Allie competed at an Agility trial where Allie earned 2 QQs! Weekend of 6/7-6/7/15 Becky and Katie competed at a lure coursing trial in Milwaukee on 6/7 and Katie earned her 1st CAA leg! Katie sure loves the game! End of Year Agility stats for the ECSCA Club Novice Standard Desilu #9  Novice JWW Desilu #4  Open Standard Desliu#1 !! MonaMe #2 Chance #7  Open JWW Chance #1 !!  Preferred Standard (they group all classes for this ranking) Liza #8  FAST Chance #7 Win # 9  Obedience Jilly#7 Weekend of 5/29-5/30/15 Connie and Chance did agility down in TX this w/e.  Chance earned a QQ (#9) , a Standard, a JWW and a T2B Q (needs 1 more) along with 63 MACH points!!  Becky and Katie showed at the Packerland trial and where Katie earned a MJP Q and 3rd place!  While I didn’t see this run, got to see Katie run this w/e and she is doing great! Margaret and Allie had a great w/e as well! They were 5/7 for a QQ (#9) a Standard, a JWW and a T2B Q as well–she and Chance seem to be running at the same pace!

Weekend of 5/16-5/17/15

Desilu and Patty qualified in both Excellent Standard and Jumpers–her 2nd Q in each!
Liza and Janet competed in a CPE trial and went 8 for 10 and now only need 8 Standard legs for C-ATCH 4, after
recently earning that C-ATCH 3!

Weekend of 5/16-5/17/15 Went lure coursing n Saturday in Stevens Point. Emmy (with Cathi) and Erin (with me)  both earned their CA title and Kizzie (with Michele) and Autumn (with me)  both earned their 2nd Q.   They had a BLAST!!  Went to the Oshkosh show today where Easton was RWD and OJ was Select for a GrandCH  point! Weekend of 5/8-5/9/15 Barb and Jilly competed at the ECSCA National and earned a Rally Excellent Q with 1st place!  Jeanette and Win earned a FAST Q?    Trick, piloted by Anne’s friend Saige, earned his 2nd AXJ leg and 1st place on Friday!  Janet and Liza competed at a CPE trial where Liza earned her C-ATCH 3!  Wow!  Connie and Chance competed in Houston where Chance earned 2 JWW Q’s and 23 MACH points!  Margaret and Allie competed in DesMoines and earned a QQ and 34 MACH points! Weekend of 5/2-5/3/15 There was excitement at the Jefferson shows this weekend. OJ, piloted by Laurie, debuted as a Special. Mind you, Laurie thought she’d stay on Aubrey so didn’t enter OJ in Owner Handler, etc. OJ wound up going Best of Breed with 5 Specials in the ring.   Pretty exciting for this young lad who isn’t even 2!  Speaking of youngsters, Carly  showed baby Eve (10 months) in Rally on Saturday and she qualified with 4th place!! Weekend of 4/25-4/26/15 Sue and Layla competed in obedience trials in MN this weekend and earned insurance Novice legs with scores of 194 and 4th place and 195! Connie and Chance competed in TX. My notes say that he got a QQ a Standard Q… Not sure on points.He also Qd in T2B all 3 days winning the class on Saturday! Margaret and Allie competed in KS and earned a QQ a JWW Q and 50 pts! Weekend of 4/17-4/18/15 Connie and Chance competed in Houston this weekend. Connie contemplated coming home after learning that Morgan passed away at home the night before but showed in Morgans memory. Chance Qd in standard on Saturday with 4th place and JWW Sunday with 3rd place! Margeret and Allie showed in Kansas and they too earned a JWW and a standard Q! Patty and Desilu earned her 2nd OAJ Q!  Weekend of 4/11-4/12/15 Janet and Liza competed at an ASCA Agility trial  in MN this weekend and were 9/10 in their runs! Jeanette and Win earned a JWW Q and 2nd place at a trial in CA!  Weekend of 4/4-4/5/15 Margaret and Allie competed in an Agility trial in KS. Allie earned a QQ and 2 additional JWW Q’s and 54 MACH points. She also tried lure coursing for the first time and earned her 1st CA leg!  Sue and Layla earned a Novice Q with a score of 196 and 4th place!  Connie and Chance competed in TX where Chance earned 2 JWW  Q’s and 19 points.  Lori took Easton to DeKalb for Saturday.  He won his class and went onto RWD!  June and Bess were 8/10 in a CPE trial in MN! Becky and Katie earned their 2nd MJP leg in Oshkosh!  Weekend of 3/28-3/29/15 Eve and Easton competed in their first AKC shows on Saturday. Easton won his class and Eve and Carly strutted their stuff with Eve taking Winners Bitch for a 3 pt  major from the 6-9 puppy class! Weekend of 3/14-3/15/15  Jeanette and Win competed one day this weekend and earned a Master FAST leg! Margaret and Allie competed in KS this weekend and were 3/4 earning a QQ and a Standard Q, 42 MACH points and a T2B Q! Since there were birds flying around–she also should have qualified for a Junior Hunter leg:) I went to the Oshkosh match where Erin was BOB adult and an Adult group 4.   Baby Nevaeh, who has only been on lead once, beat Easton for Best of Breed ECS puppy and won a huge beautiful puppy Sporting Group and then went onto win BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!! Lori King showed her to this win  Weekend of 3/7-3/8/15 Chance showed at shows in San Antonio this weekend in the hunt for his final major. He was Winners Dog/Best of Winners for a major to become CHAMPION Chance! Connie kept him in today to hold the points at two for people (there was no major today) and despite Connie’s best attempt to handle Chance poorly, he was Winners Dog again for another 2 pts!  Now the pretty dog stuff is out of the way and he can continue his MACH quest! Sue and Layla showed at shows this weekend for insurance Novice legs.  Layla Q’d both days with a 198.5/2nd place and a 192.5/4th place! Margaret and Allie competed at shows in Kansas this weekend where Allie Q’d in 5 of 7 runs with 2 QQ’s and a T2B Q. She earned 63 MACH points and her MX title!  Becky and Katie ran in Agility in WI with Katie earning her AJP with a 1st place and a 3rd in Master standard with 16 PACH points! June and Bess went on a road trip to Lacrosse and had a banner weekend with going 13 for 13 in Q’s with 13 1st places! Janet and Liza who earned 3/4 yesterday and 4/5 today. Both NQs were because she added obstacles to the runs. The great news is that she performed 8 confident, fast teeters, one which she choose, even when I had not planned it. Dave and Tempi  ran in a CPE trial in Ohio with 3 Q’s and three 1st place wins! Weekend of 2/27-2/28/15 Jeanette and Win earned a QQ at an Agility trial in CA!  Weekend of 2/21-2/22/15 Lots of great successes to report this weekend!! Sue and Layla competed in obedience in MN and on Saturday earned their CD with a 193.5 and 4th place and got an insurance leg on Sunday with a 191.5 and 4th place!  Becky and Katie competed at an Agility trial in WI where Katie earned her AXP title and her 2nd AJP leg! Margaret and Allie competed at a trial in KS where Allie was 5/8 with a QQ and 85 MACH points! June and Bess competed at a CPE Agility trial where they were 9 for 10 in their runs with multiple placements and are nearing the completion of Level 4! And Connie and Chance competed in an Agility trial in Houston with a JWW Q and a personal best 16 MACH pts on that Jumpers run! Weekend of 2/14-2/15/15 Becky and Katie earned their 2nd AXP Q and 2nd place! Anne and Trick earned a UKI gamblers Q and 1st place! Landon and Speedy both QQd at Westminster and Landon made the finals. I thought I got it on our cable TV but didn’t so I don’t know how he did in the finals. Weekend of 2/7-2/8/15 Becky and Katie are on a roll with their first attempt in Excellent Preferred Standard and Jumpers with Miss Katie earning a Q in both with 1st places! Jeanette and Win competed at the ECSCA Agility trial in CA and Win earned two Master FAST Q’s and two Time To Beat Q’s (forgot to record placements) as well as 3 JWW’s Q’s! Barb and Jilly got their fourth MXJ Q and 9 pts at the ECSCA trial! Janet and Liza earned their 1st Excellent FAST Q! Weekend of 1/31-2/1/15 Connie and Chance earned a JWW Q with 12 pts in that run! Several of the Carefree ECS competed in the PKC match today. Bogey went BOB adult and took an adult Sporting group 2. Easton went BOB ECS puppy, won the sporting Group and went on to a Best in Match!! Also the 2014 Power scores came out for Agility and Allie Kriley is ranked #5 ECS at 12″, Landon #4 at 16″ and Pixie is #6 at Preferred! Weekend of 1/24-1/25/15

Connie and Chance  competed in TX and earned QQ #7 and were 3 for 4!
Becky and Katie were 4 for 4 this weekend earning 2 insurance OAP legs and her OJP title! Onto Excellent for Miss KT!

Weekend of 1/10-1/11/15 Sue and Layla competed at UMASC in an ASCA obedience trial today. Layla earned a new title– ASCACD 2nd place with 194 1/2! Connie and Chance competed at an Agility trial in TX. Chance earned a MXJ leg with 10 MACH points! Weekend of 1/9-1/11/15 Connie and Chance showed at a 3 day trial this w/e. Chance Q’d in JWW and FAST on Friday. He earned a JWW Q on Saturday and on Sunday earned his MX title and his 6th QQ!! June and Bess and Janet and Liza competed at a CPE trial in MN. Bess Q’d all 9 times in 9 runs! Liza Q’d 3 of the 4 runs entered including Standard so she is now 3 Standard runs away from her C-ATCH 3!  Lori showed Erin Rodgers to Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday in a small entry, but the best part is that she all of a sudden matured and looks great!! Weekend of 1/2-1/4/15 Chance earned Standard Q (9th MX leg?) on Friday and 21 points and JWW Q’s on Saturday and Sunday for with 11 and 14 pt runs for a total of 46 pts earned! Weekend of 12/27-12/28/14

Patty & Desilu went to a USDAA trial in CT and Desilu earned an Advanced Jumpers leg with a 1st place and a Grand Prix Q with a 3rd place!
Janet& Liza went to a NADAC trial in MN where Liza earned her 2nd Chances leg and an Elite Regular leg!
Linda and Allie competed at an AKC trial in CA where Allie earned his 1st open Standard leg and 1st place!

Weekend of 12/21-12/22/14 Twas five days before Christmas With hustle and bustle and all of that sort People getting ready for the Holiday So no WEEKEND REPORT!! Weekend of 12/13-12/14/14 It was a brother-sister weekend with Chance having earned a MX and a MXJ Q–and won the Masters Standard class!! Desilu competed in USDAA this weekend and earned a Starters and a Jumpers Q!

Weekend of 12/6-12/7/14
Patty & Desilu earned an AX leg this weekend in CT! Margaret & Allie earned a MXJ and a MX leg this weekend in Tulsa! There was a CPE trial in MN that Janet and June may have to make corrections on but Janet & Liza earned an elusive Standard Q with a fast teeter performance and Q’s in Snooker, Colors and FullHouse! June & Bess were 4 for 4 on Saturday with placements in each! Bess earned a Standard Q on Sunday!
Denise & Riley earned a MX and a MXJ leg this weekend in ND! Laurie & Aubrey were Best of Opposite today at Skokie Valley and were best Ametuer Owner Handler! (they didn’t stay for Group as the Groups were too late) Annie and OJ won the ECS Sweepstakes both days and on Saturday took a sweeps Group 4! Again, they didn’t stay for Sundays Group! And Baby Easton went on the road for his very first road trip and away from home and started off big with going to a big show in Chicago! He handled the trip like a trooper and won the 4-6 ECS puppy class (shhhh–he was the only one, but according to Easton, he would have won no matter how many were in his class) It was a great first experience for him!